The Session Citrus Mint features the sweetness and tartness of a farm-fresh lemonade balanced with notes of WhistlePig PiggyBack 100% Rye and a hint of mint. It’s the cocktail companion for floating down a river. Chilling on a porch. Or kicking off a memorable night at the grill. And it comes in a can. So pop open this tasty carbonated drink made with barrel-aged lemons, and let the good times roll.

Our WhistlePig Whiskey distillers don’t just love to make spirits. They love to drink them too. Frustrated by the lack of truly refreshing, full-flavored, yet balanced cocktails in cans, they decided to make their own. That’s how WhistlePig PiggyBack Barrel Aged Rye Smash was born. They took our signature 100% Estate Rye from the same fields that give us the world’s most awarded whiskey, and paired it with 100% of the good stuff, like farm fresh fruit and natural carbonation. So every sip is 100% bold and balanced just like a good whiskey cocktail should be. And no longer will unsuspecting palates be assaulted by inferior portable seltzers.Canned cocktail enthusiasts rejoice! Have a PiggyBack Barrel Aged Rye Smash chilled, straight from the can. Because there’s no better way to enjoy the Ryed.