It’s not often you get to sip a drink of this caliber in a can and call it refreshing. Welcome to Blackberry Lemon Fizz, the house party in your hand that doesn’t ask for anything more than a room with good music and friends. It’s slightly sweet. Naturally carbonated. And the perfect fruit forward balancing act for the PiggyBack 100% Rye Whiskey notes. Turn up the music, then turn up a can and let the blackberry and barrel-aged lemon take your senses for a spin.

Our WhistlePig Whiskey distillers don’t just love to make spirits. They love to drink them too. Frustrated by the lack of truly refreshing, full-flavored, yet balanced cocktails in cans, they decided to make their own. That’s how WhistlePig PiggyBack Barrel Aged Rye Smash was born. They took our signature 100% Estate Rye from the same fields that give us the world’s most awarded whiskey, and paired it with 100% of the good stuff, like farm fresh fruit and natural carbonation. So every sip is 100% bold and balanced just like a good whiskey cocktail should be. And no longer will unsuspecting palates be assaulted by inferior portable seltzers.Canned cocktail enthusiasts rejoice! Have a PiggyBack Barrel Aged Rye Smash chilled, straight from the can. Because there’s no better way to enjoy the Ryed.